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Heckuva Heel Puts Fashionistas a Step Above

Heckuva Heel is an essential fashion accessory providing discerning event attendees a smart and savvy product with sleek design. The small, heel-shaped pliable plastic discreetly protects heels and provides added balance, without deflecting from the line of the high heel. Sold in a package of three – Small, Medium and Large, Heckuva Heel is a smart accessory to don at outdoor events from proper affairs to breezy backyard barbeques, all season long. 

I sought similar products prior to the wedding and was shocked nothing existed that actually worked

Heckuva Heel founder and owner, April Brueckheimer Dean, was five months pregnant with her first son when her brother-in-law’s bride gave her the four-inch bridesmaids’ heels to wear in her upcoming nuptials. Looking forward to being an attendant in the formal wedding planned along the lush greens of Rosemary Beach, Fla., Dean immediately knew she would need a heel protector to stop sinking as she headed down the aisle. She was surprised to find nothing suitable existed, despite searching in local boutiques and online.  

“I sought similar products prior to the wedding and was shocked nothing existed that actually worked,” said Dean, founder and owner, Heckuva Heel. “Unlike other heel protectors on the market, Heckuva Heel increases the surface area of stilettos and kitten heels enough to stop sinks and stumbles, along a variety of landscapes found at the outdoor events we so frequently attend here in the South.”

The concept grew from Dean’s need for the product and after years of prototype development – countless hours were spent drilling holes in a variety of potential plastics and testing products in her front yard – the perfect Heckuva Heel mold was finally crafted. A new product for fashion forward women, Heckuva Heel discreetly slips over the heels of favorite stilettos to stop sinking and stumbling at outdoor affairs without compromising style. 


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