Notes from the Sole

May 09, 2013

As a follow up to our Prototype Development post, we wanted to share with you additional images, which followed the early prototype “trial-and-errors.” Below are the creations from our product development team, straight from the 3D printer.

 ... read more

Apr 25, 2013

Everyone may have their personal pros and cons to wearing heels, but I’m here to focus on the positive! Consumer Health Digest offers us several advantages of high-heels:

  • Height (the obvious one!)
  • Longer and slimmer legs
  • Natural curves and contours accentuate in just the right way (as long as you walk in heels the right way)
  • Calves like to show themselves off with greater tone and definition
  • ... read more
Apr 19, 2013

When you take your first step of the day in high heels, do you feel like a strong powerful woman? Well, according to the Medical Daily, your heels might be saying a lot about... read more

Apr 12, 2013

Clearly, us high heelin' fashionistas try to avoid awkward moments in our stilettos {it is why we work for Heckuva Heel, right?!}. But, we've certainly had our fair share of funny, embarrassing moments. Fortunately,... read more

Apr 15, 2013

The journey toward creating Heckuva Heel certainly didn’t occur overnight. As I mentioned in my Q&A post,  this process has included the expertise and... read more

Apr 08, 2013

We do love creativity around here, but these designs may be taking "out-of-the-box" to a whole new level...

Where are the fashion police? I can promise you these are looks you will NEVER find the ladies of Heckuva Heel donning. But these "... read more

Apr 02, 2013

Exchanging “I do’s” is such a special time for couples. From engagement parties and bridal showers to bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners, the opportunities to make lifelong memories are so exciting, and of course every lady looks forward to being dressed to impress at all of her bridal functions. With "wedding season" upon us now that April is here, we are thrilled to have Heckuva Heel available to come to the rescue and hopefully... read more

Mar 29, 2013

Are you curious about the woman behind Heckuva Heel? Get the inside scoop here:

What do you love about what you do?

This entire process has been an exciting journey for me. I love the feeling of accomplishment and being able to produce a product that not only I get to enjoy myself, but others (you!) get to enjoy, too. Nothing... read more

Mar 26, 2013

Easter is fast approaching, and I know our family is hopeful for a warm, sunny egg hunt on Sunday. I love this time of year and creating fun memories with the little ones. And, I am beyond excited to don my Heckuva Heels at the hunt this weekend. No more "hoppitying down the bunny trail" for this girl as I chase the tots along the lawn. If you haven't picked up a pair, be sure to stop by any of our... read more

Mar 22, 2013

The process of bringing Heckuva Heel to life can most simply be described as surreal. For many years, I've brainstormed and worked hard on the development of this product to stop sinks and stumbles. Prototype after prototype was created in order to design the most effective product on the market. My background in banking has definitely been a grounding factor in the development of Heckuva Heel, but I cannot believe how much I continue to... read more


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