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Got questions? We have answers! Please find below answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Or, feel free to call our well-heeled fashionistas directly at 850-567-0695 or email us at

How do I know Heckuva Heel will fit my favorite heels?

We don’t want you to worry about sizing, so we’ve made it easy on your heels. Each order of either Black or Clear heel protectors include three sizes – Small, Medium and Large – to fit practically every heel in your closet. We’re hard-core heel lovers around here and find that these three sizes work for nearly every pair we wear. Your Heckuva Heels will stretch slightly with use, to allow for an even better fit.

How does Heckuva Heel work?

Simply select the proper Heckuva Heel size from your shoebox – Small, Medium or Large – and slip the pliable piece over the tips of your favorite high heels. Now ladies, use common sense the first time you use your Heckuva Heels - it helps to stretch the plastic slightly with your finger or a small writing pen before sliding it slowly onto your heel. If the product doesn’t seem to seamlessly slide on, you may want to move to a larger size from your Heckuva Heel shoebox. Aren’t you glad we include three sizes in each box? The tip of your high heel should slip completely to the bottom of the Heckuva Heel protector. The resulting increased surface area adds balance and stability while keeping your haute heels from sinking into surfaces. 

After you’ve stopped sinking and stumbling at your soiree, simply remove your Heckuva Heel protectors, wash in warm water with mild soap and allow to air dry thoroughly. Store in your Heckuva Heel shoebox for easy access for your next affair.

On what surfaces can I wear Heckuva Heel?

In the south, we don ours at every outdoor soiree – on surfaces from grass and leafy lawns, gravel and dirt, brick patios and boardwalks.

How long will my Heckuva Heels last?

Depends on how many parties you attend each season! They are made for repeat use and with regular wear, you can expect to be kicking up your heels for some time in your Heckuva Heel.

How do I clean and care for my Heckuva Heels?

These babies spend a lot of time keeping your heels out of the dirt, so they will need to be washed after wearing. Simply hand wash in warm water with a bit of mild soap, allow to air dry thoroughly and store in their savvy Heckuva Heel shoebox for easy access before your next affair.

I’m ready to stop sinking and stumbling. How do I get them?

Quick and easy. Just place your order online. Shipping is free in the U.S. and the product will arrive within 3-5 business days of placing your order.

I just discovered these amazing secret accessories and need them for an event this weekend. How quickly can they arrive?

Need to get your Heckuva Heels a bit faster? We offer 2-day shipping for $6 flat rate per box. Have a true shoe-emergency? Email and our high heeling fashionistas can provide you with ‘heckuva’ great personal assistance.

I don’t live in the U.S. but I don’t want to sink and stumble either! Can I place an international order?

Please email and our high heeling fashionistas can provide you with ‘heckuva’ great personal assistance.

My customers need Heckuva Heel.  Who do I contact about wholesale orders?

We’d love to offer Heckuva Heel to your shoe savvy shoppers. Simply email and we’ll get you set up.

I received my order and none of the three sizes in my Heckuva Heel shoe box fit. Do you accept returns?

Our high heeling fashionistas can provide you with ‘heckuva’ great personal assistance. We can only accept returns on unworn Heckuva Heels. Please contact us within 14 days of your order receipt at 850-567-0695 or email

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