"My daughter’s homecoming court was advised to *not* wear heels on the football field—but that was after we had the gown altered for her heel height. It was too late to alter again and flats were not an option. Luckily, we discovered Heckuva Heel just in the nick of time, and they allowed my daughter to walk out on the field in high heels with confidence and grace."

- Elise Batchelor, Tallahassee, FL

"Heckuva Heel is a brilliant new product for protecting my favorite high heels and giving me added balance on uneven surfaces. They are great to wear at the outdoor events we southern girls love to attend!"

- Calynne Hill, lifestyle & fashion editor, Tallahassee Magazine and TutuDivine.com

“With so many southern weddings planned outdoors, our brides are thrilled about the launch of a heel protector that actually provides stability and keeps them from sinking into grass. They love Heckuva Heel to adorn their own wedding shoes and as a gift for their bridesmaids!”

- Kristen Barstow, owner, Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe

“I’m so glad I can actually wear my favorite high heels to outdoor events and parties this spring and not worry about tripping or ruining the shoes. I only wish this product were available on my wedding day a few years ago!”

- Brittany Dean, Tallahassee, FL

“I can’t believe how great Heckuva Heel works! Not only am I wearing them to events that are outdoors, but the added stability is great for indoor events too. I rarely wear heels without them now!”

- Michelle Dickson, Fort Pierce, FL

“Heckuva Heel is great at outdoor events, but I also find myself wearing them during my frequent business travels to keep from stumbling in airports and along the jetway.”

- Susan Presley, Gulf Breeze, FL

“These are the perfect little addition to my shoe collection. They keep my heels protected perfectly.”

- Caroline Taylor, Birmingham, AL


- Ashley Ogburn, New York, NY

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